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Tuesday, 23rd April 2013 - Ideas, projects and interventions for a public design.

3500 meters of disused swimming pool come to life with the participation of the entire city during the Public Design Closing Party. See you at the next edition!
esterni in Kosice
In June esterni will be in Kosice (European Capital of Culture 2013) to participate to the "Pod mostom" project (Under the Bridge).
By creating the activities below the bridge a formerly unadaptable place will be transformed into a cultural point for all ages.
esterni will design and construct an open-air theatre during a week of work.
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PLACE Small Public Works
Small Public Works, the first project of Public Design Festival which turned the abandoned area of a former bowling club into a new piazza, is a permanent project. The area has been inaugurated on the 12th April during the design week and now will remain open to residents and citizens. In June there will be a second block party! Stay tuned!
See the pictures here.

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EXHIBITION esterni exhibition
On the occasion of the Farm Cultural Park’s birthday at the end of June, esterni will launch an interactive exhibition dedicated to projects in public space, after years of resarch about this topic on its tumblr. The exhibition will be in the castle of Favara in Agrigento (Sicily) and is promoted by Farm Cultural Park, a widespread cultural centre, heart of several cultural activities. More updates soon.

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WORKSHOP Joinery workshop
Starting the 3rd of May, every Friday and Saturday, we organize a joinery worshop open to everyone, professionals and beginners. Participation is 5 euro per hour and includes the use of all the woodworking tools.
If you are a beginner the workshop offers also the assistance of Patrick and Sumiti, our expert carpenters!
For more info write to produzione@esterni.org

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come and meet Mindoner Leone
Jewel designer based in Milan
In public space we trust
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In recent time it’s easier meeting new people in a virtual reality rather then knowing the name of our neighbors. GOOD, a global community that works for individual and collective progress, invites you all to take part to the NEIGHBORDAY on the 27th of April. Want to find out the name or the phone number of your neighbor? You just need sugar? Join the event.
Where? Everywhere!
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On May 4th in New York starts Ideas City, a daylong series of performances and talks by artists, architects and citizens at large that will bring new ways to understand, perceive and act on the city that surrounds us. Individuals and collectives are invited to submit proposals for one of the two complementary projects presented as part of the Ideas City 2013.
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Up to 25 May in Berlin Galerie Henrik Springmann features The Wrinkles of the City by the French street artist known as JR. This exhibition records the carrying out of the new project in the German capital: JR and his crew have invaded the city with XXL portraits of elderly people, creating a visual comparision between the human stories and the urban metamorphosis.
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Coltivando is an urban garden for the Bovisa district, placed in the spaces of the university Politecnico (Milan).
It's a shared garden run by residents, students and professors of the university.
Coltivando is a space open to public, where you can meet people, sharing knowledge, passions, friendship and organize activities.  
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