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Tuesday, 26th June 2012 - Ideas, projects and interventions for a public design.
Isto é uma praça - Guimarães 14th-29th June 2012
esterni has been invited by Guimaraes 2012 European Capital of Culture to develop a project in a public space in the Couros area. During 3 weeks we have designed and constructed a new piazza thanks to the participation and suggestions of the citizens. A place where people can gather an develop their own activities and projects. 
ESTERNI ACTS PUBLIC What's happened so far
The objective of our intervention is to stimulate and activate empathic relations among people and to enhance the recognizability of the place through the interaction with its historical identity. Last Saturday we celebrated the traditional Festa de Sao Joao with all the neighbours: people took possession of their own new piazza to cook, dance, play... You can see the photo story of the preparation and celebration here.

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We involved 8 cubic meters of wood, 10.000 screws, 15 people, 2 circular saws, 10 drills; we used construction systems typical of the temporary architecture to give shape to a project that should last for a long time becoming a point of reference for the community, activating new relations and new ways of living the public space. We have worked day by day in an open and flexible discussion with the people around.

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EVENT Opening of the new piazza
After three weeks of design and construction Isto é uma praça! will open on Friday 29th, June. From 9 pm the piazza will be animated by a series of events proposed by people living and working in Couros Area: the architectural mapping project by FInD Lab a theater performance where the actors, directed by Diana Sà from Teatro Oficina, are the people from Couros themselves, dj sets, workshops for kids and many more. Come and join us!

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Staring from 30th June the new Couros piazza is a property of the city and of the collectivity. A place which can be used by the citizens and by groups or people who have a cultural project and need a place to develop it, work, and realize it. A piazza that can change its shape and functions to comply to the needs of those using it.

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come and meet Jaim Telias , designer from Rome
In public space we trust
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From 28 June to 1 July in Barcelona (Spain) the eme3_2012 edition will explore the topic Bottom-up, showing projects and strategies which address urban situations and create new opportunities for citizens and public spaces’users. It will host workshops, interventions, public talks and exhibitions.  

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Located in East London (United Kingdom), What Will the Harvest Be? is more than a garden: it’s an horticultural and social experiment. Conceived by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, the project invites anyone to participate both in the free garden club sessions and in the little events. The gate is always open.

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Within the frame of festival Estuaire 2012, Observatorium has presented Péage Sauvage, a new art project in the heart of Nantes (France). The wooden sculpture is a small public space, creating a visual link between the grey aspalth and the wilderness of Petite Amazonie, the nearby biotope, and hosts events for the citizens. 

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Until 26 August the Citè de l'architecture & du patrimoine presents Flow. When movement shapes our towns on the topic of urban mobility. The exhibition offers the opportunity to follow the development of urban design through the ages and discover the urban spaces and buildings which are a consequence of man’s movement across the land. 

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