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Monday, 30th May 2011 - Ideas, projects and interventions for a public design.
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The festival is over but in the public design office is still at work: we are constantly looking for new projects, architects or space to re-design. If you don't want to miss all the updates, subscribe to the Public Design Festival Community and follow all the news.
esterni acts public the circular bench lands at the DMY of Berlin the circular bench lands at the DMY of Berlin

Initially produced in 2006 by esterni, the circular bench has became an icon of public design, as its shape is an invitation to human relation. The new version conceived for a large scale production is made with the help of Jair Straschnow and Wouter Nieuvendijk. It's the first product of the new esterni design collection and is going to be placed on the market of street furniture. The circular bench is travelling around the world: Public Design Festival in Milan, Dmy in Berlin (June 1-5)... What will be the next city? + read more
esterni speaks public Festarch - International Architecture Festival by Abitare magazine Festarch - International Architecture Festival by Abitare magazine
After two editions in Cagliari (Sardinia), Festarch comes back with a new edition held between Perugia and Assisi (Umbria). From 2nd to 5th of July, architects, journalists, philosophers will discuss about the future of architecture and about the relationship between architecture and our daily life. Among the unmissable relators: Iona Freedman, Enzo Mari and Rem Koolhaas. esterni has been invited to give its contribution about Re-starting from communities. + read more

esterni thinks public What's next? What's next?
For the future esterni is thinking of a great space for creativity, design, film, art, music, a place for research and experimentation open to the entire city, a cultural center. With Matadero Madrid (an old slaughterhouse), Ufafabrik Berlin (a space for recording films) and Hangar in Barcelona (an old warehouse) in mind, we are trying to imagine where the next cultural center in Milan can be. Meanwhile, we invite you all to see our new offices at Palazzo del Ghiaccio (via Piranesi 10, Milan) on June 14. + read more
esterni acts public Temporary or permanent? Temporary or permanent?
Crossing Path Super Bench is a project by Raumlaborberlin, presented at the third edition of Public Design Festival, aimend at institutionalizing the paths created by the spontaneous appropriation of the citizens of an unplanned urban space. 23 benches in a green area of more than 200 square meters are offered to the city; a new meeting point for inhabitants of the Isola district, a spot for lunch break, a children's play area, an outdoor office... esterni presents a new permanent project for the city of Milan. + read more
come and meet Julia Masagão, designer from Berlin.
In public space we trust
Public Design Festival tumblr is a public archive open to everybody interested in the public space issue. Architecture, public design, urban actions, events and exhibitions, books and people to watch out for. + read more
organization Institute for Urban Design
Founded in 1979, the Institute for Urban Design (New York) is a central platform for debate over issues related to urban planning, development, and design. Its last project is By the City/For the City, a public ideas competition that will lead up to Urban Design Week in New York City (September 15-20). From May 16 to June 17, designers can choose sites and situations around the city and their proposals will be published in an Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York.

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competition Upcycling Urban Readymades
Giving an object or a space a new function. This is the theme of the open call for architects, designers, creative people, DIY experts, organized by Human Cities Network with the support of Public Design Festival. Upcycling is about the way objects can be reused. Reinventing public space does not mean erasing what already exists: it is about finding out new ways to work with existing environments, objects and materials. The open call is now officially begun.

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exhibition DEGNI DI NOTA. Design in Italy in critical times. A project by Gianmaria Sforza & Ali Filippini. June 1-18 - Zirkumflix, Berlin.
What is hidden behind design? Is it an idea that we might not understand very clearly, thoughts, the strange history of its production, a commercial failure or the poetic creativity of its authors? A project born from the desire to know about the history of an object through the voice of those who conceived it, trying to figure out and understand something aboutdesign and Italy.

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book The Architecture Foundation has just published a book! Union Street Urban Orchard is a disused site transformed into an urban orchard and community garden during the London Festival of Architecture. The book, Published by Architecture Fundation, documents the process by which it was conceived, constructed and used, presenting it as a case study, in order to inspire others to think creatively about how empty spaces in the city can be used.

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