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the network of the friends of the public space

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C_uno: Jaim Telias; Ilario Paiano; Francesco Paone; Luca Pellegrini; Eleonora Piciucchi; Shanti Tommaso Piovella; Valeria Ponzanetti; Elen Rizza; Ivo Sera


O2 park is a project that allows you to breathe in the city. Its transparent soft-shaped structure enables you to breathe some fresh air, thanks to the ionizers located on the inside. O2 park will offer participants pleasant moments together, and it will make them more aware of the problems related to pollution.

The group was set up in a university context and is made up of young people from Italy and other countries. The group leader, Jaim Telia, is a lecturer who involved in this initiative some of his students, creating a beautiful relationship of mutual admiration. This young and creative team has decided to take part in the Festival to have the opportunity to think about the role people should play in the public space.


2013 edition

closing party