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Rikkert Paauw e Jet van Zwieten

The Netherlands

“Foundation” involves all the people living in the area in the Recycling of waste materials used to build houses or old furniture. The aim of the project is to move the materials collected to a waste container, turning it into a small house, a meeting place for neighbours and passers-by.

foto di Matteo Girola
Rikkert Paauw (1982) is an independant designer, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His designs for interiors, décors, furniture and mobile (outdoor) objects arise from used and found material as well as natural materials. His studio Stortplaats van Dromen (Dump of dreams) stands for improving the (social) environment in a very practical way, showing the possibilities of (waste) materials and reaching easy ways to let big dreams come true with little.

Jet van Zwieten (1985) just graduated from The Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and is working as a graphic and editorial designer. She uses her design and communication skills in order to improve social structures and the (urban) environment. Imaging and perception play an important role in her work as well as the interaction between different analogue and digital material.



Small public works