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Gabriele Diamanti, Lorenzo de Bartolomeis and Filippo Poli


It's a simple device to distribute free drinkable water. It quenches the thirst of all citizens – people and animals – and it offers them a place where they can have a break, freshen themselves up, drink, relax and interact with other people.

foto di Matteo Girola
Lorenzo de Bartolomeis, Gabriele Diamanti and Filippo Poli are three thirty-year-old designers. They attended Milan’s Politecnico university and then worked with designers and architects like Isao Hosoe (Milan), Makio Hasuike (Milan), and Aldayjover (Barcelona).
Their paths crossed a year ago in Milan, where they have started their side activities as teachers and architectural photographers.
They are currently working as designers for: Elmec, Fornarina, Keepod, and Orsogril città.

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2011 edition