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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
for her street performance
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Studio Tacloban e i loro progetti per i cittadini
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by Co.arch (Italy)

The project is the result of a collaboration betweentwo architects (co.arch Andrea Pezzoli and Giulia Urciuoli) and 2 award-winning chefs (Tommaso Arrigoni and Eros Picco / Innocenti Evasioni) who have thought of how clients and chefs can interact in a space with three different identities: the Venetian "cicchetteria", the Spanish tapas bar and the Japanese izakaya.

Sitting at a counter and trying small samples of street food but reinterpreted to eat something with friends or alone and having the chance to get to know your neighbours and comment on the food with them, enjoying kitchen theatre.

eComotti, a leading company in wood sponsors the project, helping to engineer the small wooden pavilion and make it easy to assemble and transport.

co.arch is a young firm basedinMilan.
Founded by Andrea Pezzoli and Giulia Urciuoli in 2012 but it was already informally in the air from 2009.
Co. stands for co.operation but also collaboration with the intention of pooling the different skills and points of view to find new solutions. This applies both for the collaborators and for the clients, with whom the firm tries to create projects which bring out the stated and unstated requests, looking for the best solution for everyone.
The idea is to network with knowledge and skills as in co.working. Where the firm thinks it cannot succeed alone, also because ti is very young, it tries to succeed in a team, broadening the horizon of the possible projects.
The firm is interested in salvage and low cost architecture, using materials that are "out of place" and, where possible doing "readymade architecture".

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