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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
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For the sixth edition of Public Design Festival esterni has launched an international call for international public design project, inspired by the theme of the street food.

By day and at night the street food now interacts with an urban lifestyle and is one of the primary requirements of contemporary social living in all cities worldwide.

The selected projects act as a tool to develop solutions that make these activities easier, from mobile units where food can be cooked and served to areas of conviviality.

2πr revolutionizes the classic practice of eating at a table. The table is prêt-à-porter: it is worn with practical adjustable braces and there have to be at least three people.

Baker Biker is inspired by the peddlers of bread in Mexico City who would distribute bread on their bicycles, half a juggling act and half a balancing act.

Bartleby, 1/2 garden chair, is an easy device with which compose seats single or multiple with other objects of recovery. By rotating, the small shelf can be used as a back rest, lectern or picnic table, for quick snacks in the sun with eyes closed.

Contemporary Prophecies offers handmade fortune cookies that contain scientific statistical statements. The project explores the fine line between predictions and prophecies.

Cult. prepares the city-land recuperating the cult of the table around which many people can gather.

Dinettes, a compact, lightweight structure to be easily carried around, to cook different kinds of food.

Grill to cook multiethnic skewers on the move, traditional recipes of meat skewers cooked on a special ridged grill, inspired by types already present in the Mediterranean more than 2000 years ago.

Juicy Cycling is a "pedal-powered" Fresh Juice Bar. Through recycling old bicycles connected to a centrifuge, a glass of freshly-squeezed juice can be obtained in only a few minutes.

KIT_chen is a modular object that takes its cue from the oriental carts that transport exceptional loads. Thanks to its interlocking structure, it is easy to create chairs and tables for street restaurants.

La Cheminambule, a mobile fireplace for urban spaces, that offers an opportunity for exchange and sharing. Its modular nature makes it adaptable to all types of urban spaces.

Mezzo Mercato, a set of modules which once they are put together allow multiplying the uses and functions of traditional mobile stalls.

Q-Cina, the design of Q-Cina is inspired by the mobile kiosks for cooking and serving street food and is a contemporary reinterpretation of the functions of outdoor cooking.

Street.chik, the project is the result of the collaboration between 2 architects and 2 starred chefs who have tried to make clients and chefs interact in a space with three different identities: the Venetian cicchetteria, the Spanish tapas bar and the Japanese izakaya.


Juicy Cycling

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