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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
for her street performance
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Studio Tacloban e i loro progetti per i cittadini
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Mezzo Mercato
by Mezzo.Atelier (Italy-Portugal)

Mezzo mercato is an assembly of various mobile stalls for the sale and distribution of food in public spaces. for stopping and for the design of space.
Each module makes explicit reference to the traditional market stall. These archetypes are reinterpreted in a playful and functional way. 

Mezzo Mercato offers the possibility of multiplying uses: the individual element or all the elements together can be used, each module is ready with everything necessary to fit out a crowded space or one which can accommodate crowds.
The simple and mobile structures of Mezzo Mercato are suitable for small or large events: it is a way to design markets and other public events which are part of tradition and our daily lives. 
The iron structure adapts to its function by housing different types of equipments: counter for the sale of food, to serve drinks, table with chairs, high table and stools, bench with shelves for books and bicycle racks.
Sponsors: "la Buttiga", "La stazione delle Biciclette".


Giacomo Mezzadri and Joana Oliveira founded Mezzo Atelier in 2012. They work both as a firm and as a practical workshop. Their approach combines design, architecture and art in their designs, striving to create customized designs with specific characters. After having worked in the Netherlands and Brazil, they are now based in Italy and in Portugal. 

Giacomo Mezzadri (1980 Italy) is a multidisciplinary designer whose infinite curiosity takes him beyond the borders of architecture, art and design. After completing his studies in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, he then decided to explore other scales with the Dutch artistic collective, Atelier van Lieshout, based in Rotterdam. He worked there for three years, developing objects, installations or exhibitions, from the phase of conception to the effective production of each piece. As a heritage of Atelier van Lieshout, Giacomo tries to keep production in his own workshop of Mezzo Atelier. from design to the self-sufficient creation of furniture, lamps, small objects and installations. 

Joana Oliveira (1983 Portugal) wrote her architectonic path around the world for a few years. Until the age of 18 she lived on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, then moved to Lisbon to study Architecture. She spent her last year of study at the Bauhaus School in Weimar, Germany and immediately afterwards started a period of four years of work in Rotterdam, where she worked with STAR - Strategie + Architettura, de ZwarteHond and HappelCornelisse. Later, in 2011, she looked for a new challenge and moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked at the Studio Arthur Casas until the end of 2013. She also did a postgraduate course there at the Escola da Cidade.



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