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by Laura Di Donfrancesco and Isabella Secchi (Italy)

KIT_chen is a modular object to equip the public space which takes its idea from the oriental carts that transport exceptional loads.

Through the different assembly of structure, work surface and drawers, Kit_chen becomes a street restaurant or fit out the public space. 
The drawers, thanks to a male-female interlocking system, can be placed on top of one another infinitely, and create chairs, tables, and workspaces made up of baskets and flat surfaces. 
The insides of the drawers are painted in colours inspired by the bright hues of markets. 
The street restaurant space can be adapted to various needs, and different types of cooking, thanks to the heights which can be 70 cm as a table, 90 cm as a counter and 110 cm as a partition. 
The structure is fitted with wheels to allow moving the cart according to selling requirements. 
The design is made in poplar or fir plywood connected by castellated interlocking, screws, glue and slats. 
The name KIT_chen aims to stress how these simple elements form a "kit" to fit out the public space.

Laura Di Donfrancesco was born in Lecce in 1985. She studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and the Universidad de Buenos Aires, in Argentina. 
In 2008 she attended a course in Interior Design at the National College of Art in Dublin. 
She graduated with top marks from the Politecnico di Milano in 2012, with a thesis on the regeneration of abandoned farmland in southern Italy, through reactivating the farmhouses. 
She takes part in research workshops and self-construction which offer her the opportunity to work with international architects such as Bad Architects and Sami Rintala.
Since 2008, she has worked with various firms of architects in Milan, including Studio Cardenas, of the Colombian architect Mauricio Cardenas, with whom she has following projects of building with bamboo in China. 

Isabella Secchi was born in Milan in 1986. After secondary school, during which she lived and studied for a year in Sydney in Australia, she attended the Politecnico di Milano where she graduated in 2012 in Interior Design. 
At the same time she took a Master's degree in Architecture and Archaeology at the Accademia Adrianea in Rome. 
She has taken part in an international exchange in Florianopolis in Brazil, where she studied and worked for a year. 
She followed a workshop with Rintala & Eggertsson for the construction of a pavilion made entirely from wood, opposite the MAGA, Museo Arte Gallarate. Since the end of 2012, she has been assistant designer in the firm of Giacomo Moor, where she designs and makes made-to-measure wooden furniture.

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