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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
for her street performance
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Studio Tacloban e i loro progetti per i cittadini
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Juicy Cycling
by Olga Goloshchapova and Olga Becker (Russia-Kazakhstan)

The idea of the project is to construct a Fresh Juice Bar with a real-time action, involving the public of the area. The health benefits of consuming freshly made fruit and vegetable juices are already well documented. Those help to detoxify humans body, strengthen immune system, facilitate weight loss, uplift mood and much more! People would be invited to try the challenge on their own and make a glass of fresh juice themselves.

Everyone can get a portion of delicious fresh-pressed juice to start an amazing day!
The construction is pretty simple: every place at the bar desk is practically a single module consisting of a pedal power machine connected to a personal juicer on a small table. All the modules are connected in a line to create one single bar table. There no electricity needed, because the people at the bar are "cycling" in order to get the energy for pressing the fresh fruits into juice. It takes a couple of minutes to get a glass of nice juice!

The bar is constructed of recycled materials, such as old bikes and cable reels. One single module contains a personal seat at the pedal machine combined with a table and a juice squeezer. The bar desk is made of identical modules which are perfectly matching one to another. 7 tables are organising an amazing space opened to both opposite sides of he bar desk and inviting all the participants to communicate while making the glass of fresh fruit juice of their choice. It is possible to combine modules furthermore and create either a neverending line or multiple circles.


Olga Goloshchapova Stieglitz Academy of Art&Design, St.Petersburg
Academy of Fine Arts, Munich Bright smiling lady and passionate inventor.
Enjoys investigating reality and sunbathing

Olga Becker
AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, Munich
Great fan of raw food and high heels.
Adores natural materials and is a real recycling freak.

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