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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
for her street performance
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Studio Tacloban e i loro progetti per i cittadini
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La Cheminambule
by Amandine Lagut and Charlotte Thon (France)

A mobile hearth, a travelling totem, a beacon in the town, a tool of conviviality.
Through time and seasons, fire has always symbolised conviviality: whether it be around a fireplace, a barbecue or a beach campfire, fire is symbol of social harmony.
We decided to create a travelling chimney for urban spaces, in order to provide comfort through exchange and sharing.
Its modularity makes it possible to adapt to all kinds of urban spaces: a town hall or public square, a street corner... It is intended to be used by all types of organizations wishing to invest urban space: private persons, associations, municipalities, NGOs...


Amandine Lagut and Charlotte Thon are two young designers graduated in June, 2013 from the "École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs" of Paris (France).
For their diploma they created together, "the Cheminambule" to bring back daily life enchantment into urban landscape. This object, or microarchitecture, gather their future working objectives.

Amandine likes to create surprise, spark curiosity, raise questions, promote social cohesion and analyse behaviours in order to propose new purposes inspired by foreign cultures. Her design wants to invite to a better life, while taking time.

Charlotte likes to create self-managed nomadic structures and bring some comfort to those who haven't, transmit and exchange knowledge. She loves to work with recycled materials and work with builders community.

During their studies they created various projects for the home and public places. The projects are all visible on their websites.


Urban orchard

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