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Look upwards! Since 1995 Angie Hiesl has been recruiting people aged 60-80
for her street performance
x-times people chair. The idea is simple: they sit [..] 8 months ago from the tumblr

Studio Tacloban e i loro progetti per i cittadini
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Baker Biker - P.A.N.E.
by Erik Carranza e Sindy Martinez Lortia (Mexico)

Every public space has a history. At least ten years ago some bakers in Mexico City used to distribute and sell bread in their bicycles, almost like a balancing act and juggling. Bakers in their bicycles not only gave a food service to the community by day or night, but they also provided a spectacular show of balance and mobility... unfortunately this kind of jobs in Mexico City streets are disappearing.

Baker Biker is a strategy in the public space of a city that involves:
4.consumption of a food service

Baker Biker is also a taxonomy of making bread and Italian gastronomy; in Mexico City the collective has detected 570 types (and designs) of breads; how many are in Italy or even how many are in Milan?


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